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Who is Borbaki?

Borbaki is named after Nicolas Bourbaki, a collective pseudonym created by a group of French mathematicians, in 1934, in an attempt to save mathematics and produce unified mathematics textbooks pushing the capabilities of mathematics

Inspired by the monumental strides made by these brave mathematicians. Borbaki strives to push our clients’ business capabilities by using data science and artificial intelligence to generate actionable business insights.

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What Is Data Science?

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At business school CEO’s are taught to use generalized business frameworks to answer difficult business questions. 

We answer those same questions with much higher certainty – through data science.



Gathers insights for the company from the outside in. Be it through direct user feedback on social media other types of general market analyses.


Understand Data Science

Decode the potential already present in your company's data. Send us an anonymized version of your current sales data etc. and pay us a percentage of the potential we identify.



Through data science and utilizing predictive analytics we can help your company predict trend and prepare the appropriate actions to maximize the potential opportunity identified.

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Our work

Total potential identified by the team to date

business operation
10,000,000 USD
sales opportunities
35,000,000 USD
Product optimization
15,000,000 USD
8,000,000 USD

Let's talk Data Science

Based on Data Borbaki provides meaningful information about your customer, supply chain, employees and product improvement. Data Science combines different data and interprets the data for decision-making purpose. By involving various scientific methods and algorithms is it possible for our data scientist to find hidden patterns and translate the data to easy-to-implement strategies for your business.

Because data science is an interdisciplinary field that allows you to extract knowledge from all kinds of data, is it possible through Data science to translate the data to a partial solution to a business problem.   

Soo, are you ready to explore the full potential of your business?

Our testimonials

Incredible results! They provided us with hot leads on a client-product-level from our own data
Miljø photo
Mia Holmsen
Communication Strategist
We thought our data was useless.. Turns out we have been sitting on a gold mine for years.
Morten Nielsen