Your AI assistant for work

Trained on your company data.
Every answer in seconds.

Uncover, spread, and amplify your company’s internal knowledge – in seconds.

Centralized Knowledge

Access all the information stored in your various data silos with just one click.

Knowledge sharing

Borbaki Chat is the container for all internal knowledge to be easily shared, organized, and accessed. Your proprietary data at your fingertips.

Time management

Stop wasting time on internal document searching, check-ins, and scoping calls.

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Your sidekick for work

Borbaki Chat empowers you with complete control. You can ask it anything about your company. The algorithm is trained on your own internal data and gives personalized answers in milliseconds.

What makes us unique?

Realtime Updates

When new data is added, it takes only a few seconds for the chatbot to comprehend the latest information.

GDPR secure

The data never leaves your servers and is not shared with any third parties; we can’t even access it at Borbaki.

Private access

Give your employees a private login so valuable insights are kept confidential.

One time payment

Pay once for the chatbot, and host it on your own servers or on-premises. And simply add files to it to improve it with new data.

1. Select data

Select the data you want the algorithm to access. It can be anything from CSV, PDF, text, video, audio, etc.

2. Private data folder

The data is only stored in your own private folder

3. Start

The bot is ready in seconds once the new data is embedded.

4. Access Chat

You can now access your private chatbot.

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Designed with security in mind

We know your data privacy is one of your most vital assets.
That’s why we don’t share it with anyone else. It stays on your servers, and we don’t work with anyone who might want it. It is 100% GDPR-compliant.

All you need to know about Borbaki Chat

Empower your conversations with a chatbot that learns on the fly. You can import company data, share knowledge within seconds, and effortlessly recap meetings or delve into product specifics. You will also be able to enjoy personalized answers that give you a competitive advantage. In this way, you can see that knowledge is no longer owned by just one person.

For enhanced data security, we have set up a private folder directly on your server. This folder is designed for limited access by a specific group of your employees and is where you can import the data you want the algorithm to learn from. This setup ensures that your data remains strictly within your server environment, never leaving your custody or control.
You can read more about our private policy here.

For our algorithm, we operate on a one-time payment pricing model. To enhance the quality of answers and results, we utilize an API which incurs an annual cost of approximately $100. This subscription cost will be your responsibility. While we assist in the setup process, please note that we don’t profit from the API subscription.

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