Fast and Curious? Your guide to fast video and audio editing!

Video and Audio editing takes time.

Video and Audio editing is a process that requires time. Doing boring editing tasks manually can be frustrating and tedious. Whether you’re putting together a podcast or a YouTube video, many moving parts have to come together ideally for the final product to be successful. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why video and audio editing takes so long and provide some helpful tips on making the process more efficient.

Why does it take so long?

One of the main reasons video and audio editing takes so long is that you need to handle a lot of different settings and elements. For example, when you’re recording audio, you have to ensure that the sound quality is good, that there’s minimal background noise, and that there is no awkward silence. If even one of these elements is off, the whole recording can be unuseful and force you to start over.

The same applies to video editing. You must consider things like fading between cuts, censoring swear words, removing errors, and more. These things take an enormous amount of time when done manually. Let’s take podcasts as an example. Many will experience long thinking breaks, silence, and sound discrepancy when doing a podcast. One thing is to address the errors. Removing them can be frustrating, mainly because all you have is your keyboard, mouse, and a boss who needs the job over quickly.

Do this to speed up the process

Now you may be a little depressed, but what if I tell you that everything mentioned earlier can be done automatically and quickly? NoEdit is a video and audio editing software that automatically does boring and repetitive editing tasks. The program allows you to personalize your presets, so the recording gets edited after your preferences. If you have a recording with many swear words, NoEdit can automatically censor them. Or if your recording has 20 seconds from the last spoken word to the following sentence, NoEdit will automatically cut out that gap. Using NoEdit, you can go directly to the creative process and skip boring and repetitive tasks.