First steps towards becoming a great editor.

Planning before getting into action


Before entering the video editing phase, doing some research is recommended first. You may already have some ideas of what your video will look or sound like, but you need a plan to get there. Maybe you are recording in a studio, which means that you do not want to risk getting disturbed by people passing by on the street, or perhaps you have an interview that most times requires background silence. No matter your setting, planning is essential for reaching the best outcome possible. 


Choose the right equipment first

The best way to become an audio editor is to have quality equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a professional. This does not need to be the most expensive microphone or recorder on the market. I know what you are thinking. Your phone could do the job, but quality equipment is preferred to produce the best recording with the best audio possible. Acquiring a usable plug-in microphone for your smartphone or a portable recorder is a good idea. Now you have the perfect start on your audio editing adventure. 

audio editing

Quality and payable headphones


Having quality headphones is highly recommended before dicking deeper into your project. Imagine having your recording downloaded and transferred. A great pair of headphones would be beneficial so that you can hear every single sound in your recording. It can be annoying footsteps in the background or the sirens of an ambulance. Often you may want to minimize those things; Here is one way to do it. Acquiring quality headphones will also help you discover every piece of unwanted sound, bringing you a step closer to becoming a great audio editor. 

What editing software to choose?

Best audio & video editing software

We all know them. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve. These are all editing programs that are available but also manual-produced. This means you must manually remove every piece of unwanted sound in your recording. Some manual tasks like those mentioned can be done more efficiently and automatically with the add-on program Borbaki NoEdit. An audio editing software that saves you time and helps you edit your audio while focusing on other things such as subtitles. This could be your guide to success as an editor. Feel free to contact us if you have anything to add or anything to discuss.