Good to know about EDL and XML files

An EDL - Introduction

An EDL file is a digital list of keycode and timecode data that describes different commands in every clip used in your media project. Using EDL files is the preferred method for transferring information about an editing project across systems.

How to Export an EDL file from Premiere Pro

Open or save the project that you want to export as an EDL.

Then choose File -> Export -> EDL.

In the EDL Export Settings, choose which video and audio parts you want to export.

Personalize the saving location and name for the EDL file, and click Save.

Right-click in your project menu, then press Import

Select the EDL file, click Import

Set the video standard, press OK

Select a sequence preset, press OK

Did you know that


A file called AAF is a Format that contains complex multimedia information like video and audio clips, as well as data code information for that content and project.


An XML file contains data and timecodes and ends with the well-known file extension “.xml.” It includes tags that define how the project, whether a film or classic video, should be structured and how it should be stored and transported across the big internet.