How to:

Chose Spoken language

Borbaki NoEdit supports 39 different languages. 
Setting the right spoken language in the recording allows you to use the NoEdit feature
voice command that will enable you to edit any audio/video recording easily.

NoEdit 39 Languages

How to chose spoken language

Whenever you run Borbaki NoEdit, choose the language used in your recording.

1. Open Borbaki NoEdit
2. Click on → Spoken language in recording

chose spoken language in NoEdit

Please note that you can use multiple languages in your recording but NoEdit requires a primary language to identify your voice command.

Why chose your spoken language

Join the countless content creators who have embraced Borbaki NoEdit for its unrivaled multilingual capabilities. Unlock new horizons in content creation by effortlessly choosing the spoken word in your recordings across 41 languages. Take the first step towards a more inclusive and global audience. Book an online onboarding meeting and embrace the future of multilingual video editing with Borbaki NoEdit!