How to use

Voice command

Borbaki NoEdit is the best tool for quickly editing your recordings and uses a simple voice command to remove unwanted segments without ever having to start over.

💡 Pro tip

Sometimes our best ideas happen spontaneously, but, we may not get them right the first time we speak them. The voice command feature is a great way to explore new ideas until you get them just right.

Here’s how to set up a voice command for your recording:

1. Before you start recording

Create your voice command, this can be any keyword or phrase, which Borbaki NoEdit can use to identify and remove unwanted segments in your recording. 

We recommend using a two-word phrase like: cut cut, stop stop, hold hold

Then, share your voice command with everyone who will be in the recording.

2. Using your voice command

It’s time to hit record but a few minutes later an ambulance drives by and your co-worker’s husky starts howling. Here’s how to use your voice command to eliminate any pesky interruptions or recreate a segment for the perfect recording.

  • Say your voice command
  • Repeat the last 3 words 
  • Go to 3. Activating your voice command in NoEdit


For example:
“Hey! My name is Annemette and I’m recording a podcast about how to use NoEdit. NoEdit is a programAMBULANCE DRIVES BY + A HUSKY IS HOWLING cut cut * is a program that helps you save time and automate your editing process.”

* the voice command cut cut will remove the interruption so you can continue recording from where you got cut off

3. Activating your voice command in NoEdit

With your recording complete, it’s time for NoEdit to work its magic.

First, add or edit the voice command for your recording.

voice command function with red square over

Second, choose how many words NoEdit should look for before and after.

When it’s time to export your recording, NoEdit will automatically eliminate everything in between and identify the # of words selected to recombine your recording.

Is your voice command not working?

If you’re having problems with your voice command, you can troubleshoot using the Deep Dive Box.

After analyzing your recording, you will see a grey box next to the name of your recording. 

Click on this to open the Deep Dive Box which will show you every word captured in your recording by NoEdit.

Inside the Deep Dive Box you can:

  • Review all the words in your recording
  • Identify where and when your voice command is used
  • Edit segments to use your voice command
  • Download the speech to text translation

Click here to learn more about how to use the Deep Dive Box.