How to:

Import EDL-file to
DaVinci Resolve

When you choose DaVinci Resolve as an output, your files will be saved as Edit Decision List (EDL).

EDL files are lists of edits created by a video editing suite. They are text files that contain the timecode and source tape information that you need to place audio events to picture.

Select DaVinci Resolve in NoEdit

How to find DaVinci Resolve as output 

1. Open Borbaki NoEdit
2. Go to Settings → Choose Output → Add Output
3. Select DaVinci Resolve → Add
4. Push the ‘Run button’
5. Find the EDL file in your Download folder

Output to Davinci resolve i noedit

Import EDL file to DaVinci Resolve

  1. Open DaVinci Resolve Studio → Upload your raw recording file. 
  2. Go to File → Import → Pre-Conformed EDL.
  3. Select the downloaded NoEdit EDL-file. 

Now you can see your edited file and see where NoEdit has made the cuts. So you can make the last adjustment to your recording. 

Export to

Import your edited file to your regular program for final adjustments