Select the right

output format

Borbaki NoEdit allows you to choose between different output format depending on whether you want your recording in a ‘ready to share’ mp3 or mp4 format, or you want to export the edited recording to your regular editing program. 

Go to → Output → Choose output

Choose output in Borbaki NoEdit

Output format: XML-file

If you want to export the edited recording in an XML-file, you can choose between Premier pro or Final cut as output in the dropdown under the setting Output.  

Where to choose final cut som outout

Click here, to learn more about exporting and using XML-files to Final Cut. 

Output formal: EDL-file

If you want to export the edited recording in an EDL-file, for example, to Davinci Resolve, you choose Davinci as output. 

Click here, to learn more about exporting and using EDL-files for Davinci Resolve.
Click here, to learn more about exporting and using EDL-files for Premiere Pro.

Output to Davinci resolve i noedit
Output to premiere pro in Borbaki Noedit

Output to different sizes

Do you want to share your video directly after editing them in Borbaki NoEdit? 

You can output your video in different sizes, so they are ready to post on every social media, 

You do that under Output → Chose output → enroll your wanted format. 

Where to choose your output in NoEdit

The most common sizes are:


Social media sizes by Borbaki NoEdit

100% adjustable, no matter chose of output format

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Unrivaled Compatibility: NoEdit seamlessly integrates with your favorite main editing suites, be it Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or others. Say goodbye to time-consuming conversions or the hassle of transferring files between applications – all your work stays within your preferred environment.

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Streamlined Workflow: With Borbaki NoEdit, the editing process becomes smooth and efficient. Simply export your work from NoEdit directly to your main editing suite, and all your adjustments are right there, ready for further enhancements or final touches.

Creative Freedom: Our software empowers you to experiment and explore new possibilities. Edit fearlessly, knowing that every decision can be tweaked effortlessly in your main editing environment. Achieve your artistic vision without compromise.

Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborating with others becomes a breeze with Borbaki NoEdit. Share your projects with colleagues, team members, or clients, and they can easily adjust the content using their familiar editing suites, fostering a seamless and productive creative process.