How to:

Find your past projects

Find your past projects in Borbaki NoEdit. Every project you create will be saved, and you can reopen them as many times as you want without extra payment.

We understand that revisiting previous projects is a common part of the creative process. With Borbaki NoEdit, you can reopen your previously edited projects without having to pay for uploading them again. It’s all about empowering you to make the necessary tweaks and improvements without worrying about additional fees.

Where to find Past Projects

  1. Open Borbaki NoEdit
  2. Go to the right corner in the upload site → Pres Past projects

Where to find past projects in NoEdit

Upload once, forever adjustable.

Experience a new era of video and audio editing that values your creativity and budget. Embrace the freedom to reopen past projects without extra costs and watch your content thrive. 

Join the Borbaki NoEdit community and discover the perfect blend of affordability and flexibility in the world of editing. Let your creativity flow, unburdened by excessive fees. Try Borbaki NoEdit now and unleash your editing potential like never before!

This is just some of the benefits of our payment structure:

Transparent Pricing: Know exactly what you’re paying for – the length of the recording you import.

Cost-Efficient Editing: Pay only for the content you work on, no matter how many times you reopen a project.

Creative Freedom: Explore your creative ideas without being limited by financial constraints.

Seamless Workflow: Easily revisit and build upon past projects without any unnecessary hassles.

At Borbaki NoEdit, we’re passionate about empowering content creators like you with a cost-efficient and flexible editing experience. We understand that creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your budget! 

That’s why our innovative payment structure allows you to pay solely for the length of the recording you import, freeing you from unnecessary financial burdens.