How to:

remove silence

Lost in thought or forgot what to say? Long gaps of silence in your recording can cause your audience to become bored and lose interest. You don’t want that. Remove the silence automatically.

Activate “Silence” to automatically choose the allowed length of silence in your recording. 

Then, when you’re ready to export your recording, NoEdit will automatically make a natural cut to eliminate silence and create a seamless transition between segments.

Silence (in milliseconds)

This is the duration of silence, you allow between words. 

When no Edit identifies a segment of your recording that exceeds this threshold, it’ll remove the silence based on your buffer.

Remove silence in NoEdit

Insert Buffer

This is the amount of silence before the next word where a cut is made. The buffer is making a nice sound experience.

The buffer can’t be more than 50% of the allowed silence and can’t be lower than 125.

Remove silence - but why?

Removing silence during the editing process streamlines the overall length of your video or podcast. 

By eliminating unnecessary pauses, you make your content concise and time-efficient. This is especially important when working with limited time slots or aiming to deliver information quickly and effectively. Saving time during production allows you to focus on other important aspects and ensures a smooth production workflow.

Unexpected or poorly timed silence can create confusion and hinder clarity. By removing unnecessary silence, you ensure that your message or story remains clear and focused. Enhancing the clarity of your content allows your audience to better understand and absorb the information you present, resulting in a more impactful viewing or listening experience