How to:

enhance Speech

NoEdit has default settings depending on whether you are making a podcast, video, or audiobook. Using the ‘enhance Speech’ function, your recording will have the perfect sound in just a few seconds. 

How to enhance speech

  1. Open Borbaki NoEdit → Upload new files or open a Past project.
  2. Go to Settings → Speech Enhance → Select wanted compression: Video, Podcast, Audiobook, or Custom.
Active speech enhance in NoEdit

Edit Reverb in NoEdits speech enhance

Reverb stands for: Reverberation.
Reverb gives your recording a natural harmonics of a sound and gives your mix extra warmth and space. With the use of reverb, the listener will get the feeling that they are sitting in the same room as you.

You edit the Reverb compression by dragging the reverb dot.

How to edit reverb in Noedit

💡 Pro tip

Experiment with the right reverb setting.  Try setting the reverb to 10-15% and compare it to the original audio. You may be surprised that even a subtle amount can change the sense of space. 

Edit Speech

Speech is improving the sound of the voices, making the recorded speech clearer.
If you recording contains background noise, minimize the amount of speech, to make a better lisening expereince. 

You edit the speech compression by dragging the speech dot.

With NoEdits’ speech enhancement function, you can save time because it automatically creates great sound for your recording. This means you don’t have to go through the tedious task of doing it manually. Plus, your recording will have clear and impressive sound from beginning to end. This is the perfect function for podcast editing.