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At business school CEO’s are taught to use generalized business frameworks to answer difficult business questions. 

We answer those same questions with much higher certainty – through data science.



Gathers insights for the company from the outside in. Be it through direct user feedback on social media other types of general market analyses.


Understand Data Science

Decode the potential already present in your company's data. Send us an anonymized version of your current sales data etc. and pay us a percentage of the potential we identify.



Through data science and utilizing predictive analytics we can help your company predict trend and prepare the appropriate actions to maximize the potential opportunity identified.

Turn Data Into An Asset

As your business becomes more digitized and generates more and more data, you need a data scientist to make sense of all that data. The field of data science is expected to grow by more than 20% annually over the next five years. However, this increasing demand is leading to a shortage of qualified workers.

So instead of putting money and energy into building an internal data science department, there will shift your focus away from your primary value proposition. You can outsource your data science department to us, and we will help you identify, understand, and leverage the value of your data.

Use your data and take your business to new heights

Data Science is a process of using advanced analytics to explore large data sets and extract valuable information for business operations and strategies.

Understanding your data contributes to better and more effective decision making and impacts costs, operational efficiencies, business opportunities, marketing and sales efforts, and can ultimately help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Borbakis’ data scientists use machine learning, data mining, and data visualization to translate your raw data into valuable business information. Our data scientists can answer your business questions like:

Why do some of our customers churn?

What is customer loyalty worth to us

How can we increase our sales and reduce our costs?

Data Science can be used in all types of industries and business sectors:

In customer-facing businesses, Data Science can help refine target audiences. In recruitment, Data Science can create aptitude tests and games that help your hiring team make faster and better hiring decisions.E-commerce stores can use Data Science to identify future purchases or the best product to cross-sell.  Sales department can use data science to predict when a particular customer will have a need for a particular product.

And so much more… 

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