Speak to text

Stop spending time manually transcribing the spoken words into text. Let NoEdit do it automatically. 

speak to text in noedit

speak-to-text in 39 different languages

NoEdit understands 39 different languages, and in all of them, we do speak-to-text transcription. And it is all done automatically, of course. It’s all done with an accuracy of 80-99%.

NoEdit 39 Languages

‟ Jonas Søren


We love to train….
Our speak-to-text algorithm. 

Remove silence

Borbaki NoEdits automatically removes silence from any recording. Keep only the important conversation pieces

Remove interjections

Too many ohh, ihh, ehh? Don't worry. Borbaki NoEdit will automatically remove them all

Censoring words

Borbaki NoEdit can bleep, muffle or remove any words at the press of a button.

Voice commandsfor cutting

Borbaki NoEdit automatically removes unwanted mistakes. Simply say the keywords and repeat the last sentence then the mistake will be removed

Audio quality boosting

Borbaki NoEdit automatically fix volume issues, compress audio levels, reduce background noise and enhance speaker audio quality.

Output to your preferred editor

Borbaki NoEdit can output to any major editing program, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve as well as output finished video or audio files

Speak to text

NoEdit is transcribing all the spoken words in your recording. You download the transcript as a text file for easier subtitle creation.

39 different languages

NoEdit understands 39 different languages.

Intro & outro

NoEdit will automatically insert your intro or outro. So your recording is ready to publish right away.