Do your editing,
while recording

NoEdits voice command feature is triggered by you saying your keyword doing the recording. 

text explaining how borbaki noedits voice command works

voice command editing

With Borbaki NoEdit, editing becomes a breeze. 
Simply choose a unique keyword of your liking before you start recording. As you speak, if you ever need to repeat a sentence or remove any unwanted portions, just utter your keyword and rephrase the section. 

And just like that NoEdit will work its magic, automatically cutting out everything in between – like it was never there.

That is easy voice command editing.

Why Choose Borbaki NoEdit?

Real-Time Efficiency:
No more tedious post-recording edits or interruptions. Make instant adjustments while recording, maintaining your creative momentum and productivity.

Seamless Flow:
With NoEdit, your content remains natural and fluid, free from awkward pauses or repetitive sentences.

Save valuable hours in the editing room by effortlessly eliminating unnecessary content as you go.

voice command

When your self-chosen keyword is said in your recording, Borbaki NoEdit will automatically search for similar spoken words before and after the keyword, and match does. This means that Borbaki NoEdit will cut everything in between out. 

The feature is brilliant; if your recording is ruined by a noisy car, you have to cough or fumble over the words. You no longer have to spend time searching and fixing errors. It’s all done for you. 

How to use the voice command is simple, just follow this explanation.