Why data science is important


Looking to shake up the marketing industry?
It might be time to consider the rapidly growing role data scientists play. Their software helps businesses decipher the actions of millions of consumers, whether by facilitating an online retailer’s automated reordering of goods or an investment firm’s automated new fund launches.


Predicting the future


By using Data Science Borbaki can help you predict which customer is most likely to leave a store due to discontent over a poor product.
Who is most likely to churn a broker’s investment service and the likelihood a new business will fail.

Or we could even predict how a huge network of self-driving vehicles will behave in a particular situation.


“Data science is really just making predictions from vast amounts of information,” explains Caroline Viviani, who co-founded of DataKind.
“I think it will be the way people interact with the world.”
Special report: The future of Everything as a Service (TechRepublic)

Identifying patterns

Man coding

Though statistics may be something many people are better at than others, the big data revolution will play an increasing role in business over the coming years.

As companies turn to powerful computing to crunch data, identify patterns and produce actionable insights.

All major tech companies are busy investing in large data centers; Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft all have tens of thousands of servers across the globe — and all are continuing to develop better analytics tools.

Including machine learning and artificial intelligence software, that have the ability to sift through mountains of data and make sense of it. 

For example, Amazon is using advanced data analytics to help its online shopping service understand the movements of its customers. The result is a more artificial intelligence, faster and more accurate shopping experience for consumers.

These companies and many others are benefiting from big data — they know their customers better than ever, and they’re able to make more informed decisions about the data that’s being generated.

But the question for some businesses and thier IT departments is, how far can they get with their current data architecture? If they don’t have a big data infrastructure in place, how will they be able to move data to and from different regions or regions and the cloud? By outsourcing the data science department every company, no matter the size, can start using the value in their data and keep the main focus on their primary expertise. You can read more about outsourcing your data science department here. 

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